Rental windsurfing equipment

Dear friends! You can book windsurfing classes and rent equipment in advance by clicking "Book Now" button in the bottom or contact us by email: \ +2 069 364 2088. For Vetratoria guests we provide free WiFi internet.

Rent one set of equipment 
Beginner line
Professional line
Carbon (Slalom, Freestyle, Wave)
Rental timeRent $Insurance $Rent $Insurance* $Rent $Insurance** $
1 h15530103030
3 h25550155030
1 day401075207530
2 days65101352513550
10 days200403054530570
2 weeks2504038550385100

Special offer - free schedule: You choose the days for windsurfing.

5 out of 7 days $135235
7 out of 10 days $170285
9 out of 14 days $200320

After two weeks, you can use a flexible schedule +20% of the final cost.

After 1 month rental the flexible schedule is included for free!

* Insurance - voluntary and non-refundable one-time fee for any repair of equipment. Insurance will cover the possible costs of repair of equipment, but it does not cover the full loss. Insurance does not cover damage caused of crash into another rider. No insurance for damage or loss of the fin, be careful nearby the shore and the reefs. The insurance is valid until the first case caused.

** For equipment category Carbon (Slalom, Freestyle, Wave) insurance is mandatory. After the first insurance accident insurance is extended on the basis of residual days of hire.

At wind gusts up to 17 m/s and more, the administration will cancel the insurance and inform you acordingly.

Rent one set for two people increases the price for 20%.

Rent price for sail or board only is minus 50% from the set price, in case if you use the storage service. 

For each customer we can book 1 board of a certain size only. You can use the other boards if available.

Discount program:

1. Discounts by age (ID or passport is needed):

  • Children (under 12 years) - 30% 
  • Students (over 12 years) - 20% 
  • Up to 55 years - 40% discount 
  • Over 60 - discount equal to the age 

2. Family discounts:

  • For 2 riding parents - 1 kid under 16 is free of charge

3. Personal discounts:

Regular customers of VETRATORIA:

  • 2nd visit - 10%
  • 3rd visit - 20%
  • 4th visit - 30%

DAY OF BIRTH - rent a complimentary set on your birthday.

Notes. All discounts can not be summerized. 

Storage, $
1 day6
3 days15
4 days20
1 week30
10 days40
2 weeks50
1 month90
2 months155
extra month60
annual storage320

Note: the personal equipment should be stored in a special bags signed with the name of the owner . The limited slot for 1 guest - 2 boards and 4 sails.