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Accommodation in Dahab

Both centers are on the territory of first line hotels on the shore of the lagoon and have their own sandy beaches. The close proximity to the sea and centers provides maximum comfort for windsurfing.

The first center is located in "Ganet Sinai" (3 *), which stands out for its democratic price. Second Vetratoria is ideal for more demanding guests comfort, it is at the hotel "Swiss Inn Resort" (4 *), which is known for its high service.

The hotel Ganet Sinai has three categories of rooms: Standard, Suite, Villa Apartment.

Rooms: balcony or terrace, air conditioning, shower, toilet, satellite TV, telephone and minibar.
Food: The main restaurant (breakfast 07:30-10:00, 18:30-20:00 dinner), bar Bergola, a beach bar. 
Use of beach loungers and towels included in the apartment.


Room Villa Apartment inlet - Terrace first floor - living room, breakfast bar, refrigerator, TV, sofa.
Second floor - two bedrooms with one double bed, bathroom, toilet.
on the roof - a rest area with a great seaview.

 Room Suite two rooms combined
 Room Standard
 The main restaurant

 Shisha bar "Bergola"

 Beach Bar  

The second station Vetratoria is located on the territory of Swiss Inn Resort (4*).

SWISS Inn Resort 4*
HILTON Dahab Resort 5*


Dahab excursions

Trip to Jerusalem (Israel).

A day trip to Jerusalem starts in the evening (around 23:00) from Dahab and in the morning you arrive to Israel and go swimming at the Dead Sea. After lunch, you will tour program to biblical sites: Pancake Mountain, Calvary Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Wailing Wall. Return to Dahab around 23:00.

The trip to Petra (Jordan).

The tour starts at 05:00 am. You drive from Dahab by comfortable mini-bass in the city Taboo. From Taba you cross the Gulf of Aqaba on the ferry for 30 minutes, and you have about 8:00 in Jordan. Next you drive (about half an hour) to Petra, where you are waiting for the guide. Excursion to Petra lasts for four hours and includes lunch, after which you go back to Dahab and back near 22:00.

Trip to Cairo. (Pyramids of Egypt and the main museum)

Depart from Dahab at 12:00. In Cairo you arrive at 7am. From 8 am to 10 am you visit the Historical Museum, then you will find a three-hour tour of the pyramids, and dinner. Next you have a choice or a ride on the Nile by boat or take a stroll through the Old Town. Return to Dahab at 1 am.

Moses Mountain and St. Catherine's Monastery.

You leave Dahab at night, at about 24 hours, the road to the monastery takes 1.5 hours. Climbing Mount Moses takes about 2.5 hours on foot or by camel. On the mountain you meet the dawn, and then have breakfast at 8 am and go on a trip to St. Catherine's Monastery. Return to Dahab at 13:00.

Colored Canyon.

Depart from Dahab at 8 am, the road to the canyon takes 1.5 hours. You will see the mountains of all colors and unusual landscape, the walk will take 4:00. After lunch - way back and coming to Dahab 17-00.

White Canyon.

Depart from Dahab at 8 am, the road to the canyon takes 1.5 hours. Walk along the canyon 3:00, then a visit to the oasis Khodr and Mushroom Rocks. Dinner. Return to Dahab 17-00.

Blue Hole and Abu Gallom.

At 10 am departure from Dahab Blue Hole, where you can swim with masks and a closer look at the inhabitants of the Red Sea. Then you change to the camels and go to Abu Gallom 1.5 hours. Here you swim with masks, have dinner and about 17 hours back to Dahab.

Boat trip on a yacht.
Quad bike safaris.
Climbing Mount Moses.
Horse or camel walk.
A trip to Sharm el Sheikh.


Dahab - one of the popular places in the world to carry out dives. Visibility under water 20-30 meters. Red Sea water temperature does not drop below 20 degrees. In the vicinity of the order of 20 Dahab dive sites. Under the water you can see coral bizarre shapes and fish a variety of colors and sizes.